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Burjeel Holdings, a leading super-specialty healthcare services provider in MENA, is set to feature its innovative solutions and complex care capabilities at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week. The group’s flagship facility, Burjeel Medical City (BMC), is the Healthcare Transformation Partner for the event and it will highlight its advanced and patient-centred offerings. This showcase, in line with the theme Safeguarding Your Health at the World’s Safest City, highlights the group’s commitment to innovation while reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a prime destination for medical tourism. The event is scheduled to take place from May 13-15 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC).

Key specialties in focus

The BMC pavilion, at booth number B030, will highlight significant advances from its oncology department, underscoring its integrated approach to cancer care, which includes the latest in precision medicine and targeted therapies and ensuring comprehensive treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs. Key complex care specialties including bone marrow transplantation, haematology, advanced orthopedics, fetal medicine and pediatric subspecialties will also be featured.

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The exhibition comes on the heels of groundbreaking strides in the group’s multi-organ transplant program. Recently, Dr Rehan Saif, Director of the Burjeel Abdominal Multi-Organ Transplant Program, and his team successfully completed BMC’s first liver transplant. This achievement, along with the center’s established kidney transplant capabilities, demonstrates a major leap forward in the group’s medical expertise and underscores its commitment to pioneering cutting-edge treatments. The pavilion will also highlight BMC’s soon-to-be-launched Advanced Neuroscience Institute that will specialize in cutting-edge treatments for neurological disorders and will be led by renowned Dr Souhel Najjar.

First-of-its-kind healthcare series

During Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week, Burjeel Holdings will also shine the spotlight on BMC’s comprehensive capabilities by premiering the H for Hope series. A first-of-its-kind healthcare series in the region, it features inspiring stories of patient journeys, illustrating the profound impact of Burjeel’s healthcare services on their lives and well-being.

“We are pleased to be part of this significant event and look forward to contributing to and learning from the global dialogue on healthcare advancement,” said John Sunil, CEO of Burjeel Holdings. “Our participation is a demonstration of our dedication to elevating healthcare standards regionally and globally, driving forward the vision of making Abu Dhabi a hub for medical excellence and innovation.”

Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week will also serve as a platform to engage with Burjeel Holdings’ leading medical experts and participate in discussions that span a broad array of topics, from industry advances to cutting-edge research and treatment strategies. Throughout the event, the group is expected to enter into collaborations with key partners to enhance patient experiences and push the boundaries of technological advancements, research, and innovation.

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Burjeel Holdings to showcase complex care capabilities at Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week

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