Vegetables at a local food pantry.  (Jill Sheridan/WFYI)

Vegetables at a local food pantry. (Jill Sheridan/WFYI)

A new partnership will provide boxes packed with healthy food for residents in neighborhoods that lack access.

The initiative, dubbed Drive & Dish, will provide 1,000 boxes of fresh produce, eggs, recipes and other staples to residents every week.

Director of Community Nutrition and Food Policy with the City of Indianapolis Milele Kennedy said it will be offered to families for a year.

“That’s something that we haven’t been able to do before, and it provides the stability for these families to know that they’ll be able to get that healthy produce week after week without having to worry about where that’s coming from,” Kennedy said.

The produce distribution model seeks to fill a gap in Indianapolis neighborhoods where it’s difficult to connect with affordable, healthy food. 37 Place at Edna Martin Christian Center and the Christamore House will distribute the boxes starting in January.

Indiana Pacers Head Coach Rick Carlisle, the Indianapolis Colts, and others have donated to the program.

Kennedy said the initiative targets areas that have struggled to close food gaps.

“We really want to ensure that those communities and those neighborhoods that have seen such a significant lack of access to healthy nutritious food have the opportunity to be able to participate and use this program as a resource,” Kennedy said

People can register onsite at the community centers.

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New program will bring healthy food to 1,000 Indianapolis families

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